Parental Rights


Family Court– Have you experienced the horror of America's profit first family court system? Did you know that in family court you do not have the right to an attorney or a jury?  Did you know the average divorce costs $51,000? Watch Divorce Corp to find out more. The Family Court system needs to be held accountable to the US Constitution. We the People need to push hard to reform the unconstitutional family court system so that We have a right to an attorney and to a jury. 

Another issue that has been brought to my attention is Parental Alienation. Parental Alienation is a bi-product of the broken family court system. With the family court system putting profit before the needs of the children, more often than not a parent will slander the other parent in the hope to maintain more custody. This is terrible for the children, who always suffer when their parents are in a metaphorical war with each other. Find out more about Parental Alienation and family court struggles at Keeping families together and children in loving relationships with both parents is the goal. Children who are cut off from parents are much more likely to struggle with addiction, violence and depression. We must reform Family Court to make it more constitutional and to put the needs of children first.