Proper healthcare for all


Proper Healthcare is a human right. I witnessed my mother go through debilitating sessions of chemotherapy. During the same time, Jimmy Carter was diagnosed with brain cancer, received "cutting-edge immune boosting treatment" and was cancer free within weeks. Why does my mother go through painful and expensive chemo while former presidents receive better care? Where is the justice in that? My mother never bombed anyone.


Unfortunately, we have a healthcare system which values profit over health. Big Pharma drugs that have more side effects than good effects and treat symptoms while ignoring root causes of conditions and disease. Our system turns people away at the hospital door. Each year, our system forces thousands of citizens to declare bankruptcy in order to pay for their medical bills. Our system is sick.   

I actively supported Senate Bill 562 Healthy California. I am also a member of Healthcare for All California. A single payer system is a big part of the solution. The Single Payer system saves money and saves lives. It saves us money by removing health insurance from the picture. That means no more high insurance copays, premiums, or deductibles and no more annoying insurance phone calls! The moral win is even greater: No one is turned away or dumped from the hospital. The citizens of the USA pay more for drugs and healthcare than any other country in the world (see chart below). A single payer system would finally allow us to negotiate drug prices. The common question: How do we pay for single payer? Well, Sb562 for example, would have utilized a 2% tax on business deals of >2$ million and a 2% sales tax on non-essential goods. Compared with the savings We the People would receive by cutting useless middlemen these taxes are a cake walk.

The suppression of alternative medicine and Eastern medicine within our Big Pharma controlled system is another issue that needs addressing. Look at our government's history with medicinal herbs like marijuana as an example. A natural product that we now use for countless medical conditions is still illegal on the federal level! Why is this? Could it be that such natural remedies are deemed harmful to big pharma's profit margin? I support a utilization of both eastern and western philosophies of health. I support research and education of alternative medical care; including preventative care, herbal remedies, chiropractic and acupuncture.

Healthcare-related Books: 

Generation Sick by Dr. Vic Naumov
Lights Out: Sleep, Sugar and Survival by T.S. Wiley and Bent Formby
The Great Tao by Dr. Stephan Thomas Chang




Image from Have your health care prices gone up recently?

Image from Have your health care prices gone up recently?