Eric's Campaign Statement

I have been born and raised in Sacramento, specifically District 6. Whether it was Christmas at my grandmother’s house in River Park, Arden park playing in the backyard with my brother, or moving into my first apartment with my wife, Sacramento has been my home.

Through the years I have seen Sacramento change. I’ve seen places go out of business, friends move out of state because California has become too expensive. I’ve seen the amount of homelessness increase. I’ve been to town halls where I hear mothers discuss their increasing housing expenses while living in uninhabitable conditions.

As my home, it is my responsibility to stand up for Sacramento. To demand that we change things, not just for the few but for the many that live here as well. For the ones who have memories here just as I do.

My campaign is about unity. Putting small differences aside to unite for a better community, a better state and a better world. I am independent, free from political parties so that my focus is on the issues of the people. I am publicly funded so I am not bought and sold into supporting anyone other than the you, the voter affected by my election.

My campaign is about giving a voice to those who are voiceless. Children caught in sex trafficking, homeless left without bathrooms or even water fountains. You, the voters, unable to compete with the corruption silencing your votes. “Think Big Picture” and vote for someone who cares

Conozca mi misión y metas como candidato al Senado por el Distrito 6. Sacramento es mi hogar y es un honor ser la voz de mi comunidad.